Community College Counselors

Welcome to the Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP). The UC TAP tool is designed to facilitate advising and communication between you and your students seeking UC transfer.

Why use UC TAP?

Here are some benefits to using the planner:

  • You can easily view all coursework completed and planned at every institution the student has attended - if the student has kept the planner up-to-date.

  • The planner calculates preliminary units, GPA, and completion of the 7-course pattern to inform your advising with a student.

  • You can communicate with individual students, as well as send notifications and reminders to specific subgroups of students.

  • The planner gives you needed evaluation tools to work with TAG students and participating UC campuses.

How to access UC TAP

Access to the UC Transfer Admission Planner is determined by designees at individual California community colleges. Only authorized counselors will be granted access to UC TAP, as all information collected in the planning tool is considered confidential.