Transfer Admission Planner Technical Question/Issue:

If you are having a technical problem with the site please let us know. We will not respond to non-technical questions regarding your academic history or how to complete your planner. Please contact your campus counselor or the UC campus you are interested in applying to for questions of this nature.

These are the most frequently asked questions. Please review the answers before sending in a question. (Click to view)

If you have lost/forgotten your UC TAP login ID or password use the "I forgot my login ID/Password" links on the login page.

In order for your academic history (schools attended and coursework) to be available for transfer to the UC application, your UC TAP transfer term much match the term for which you are applying. If you are unsure what email address you used in UC TAP, login to UC TAP and find your email address on the "About me" --> "Personal information" page. Please note that any changes you make to your UC TAP academic history will not be available in ApplyUC until the next day.

   If you continue to have a problem, please contact the:

On the "My transfer plan" --> "Apply for a Transfer Admission Guarantee" page there is a button "Start TAG Submission". Make sure you go through ALL the steps in order to complete your TAG application. Once done, your TAG status on the home page will reflect "Submitted".

Once you have submitted your TAG you cannot make adjustments to your academic information. If you need to do so and are still within the TAG filing period, you can withdraw the TAG from the your home page, make your changes, and submit the TAG again. Just remember that late TAGs are not accepted so be sure you do this with enough time to submit it again.

Look closely at the "My academic history" --> "Coursework" section. If you see any boxes within your course list, then there is a gap in education you must explain. This also includes a gap prior to your start of college or a gap before your transfer term (if you have not provided spring planned coursework, this is usually why the gap appears).

You are only allowed to submit a TAG to one UC campus. You can apply to any/all campuses during the open filing period.

You will find this as part of the TAG submission process in step 1 of 4. Note that it is not able to be edited once the TAG is submitted.

The TAG application cannot be changed after submission. Any changes can, however, be made on the UC Admission Application which must also be submitted.

Use your best judgment to indicate courses you plan to have completed for the remainder of the academic year. You can update course information on the UC Admission Application; then you'll have another opportunity to update course information on the Transfer Academic Update which will be available in January.

Dropped or courses in which you earned a grade of D, F, or NP might impact the TAG if the course is required (in some cases by a specific term); whether you can take the course is the summer is determined by the campus to which you submitted your TAG application. Refer to the TAG Matrix for details.

Unfortunately, no, campuses do not accept late TAG applications.